Thrive on Plants Plant Based Seminar

Plant Based/Vegan Specialist


My vegan journey started with a love for animals. I remember the last day I ate red meat. I was 12 years old and eating a steak sandwich in the restaurant that my dad owned at the time. I remember biting into it and for the first time, really thinking about what I was eating. I chewed a few more times, before dropping the sandwich on the plate and never looking back. It took another 12 years to relinquish chicken. I felt guilty every time I ate it, and when I moved in with a vegetarian roommate, it pushed me to just let it go completely. Like some magical internal clock, 12 years later, I removed fish, dairy and eventually eggs from my diet.

The choices I made, in their core were made for ideological reasons, but when I started my studies in nutrition, health research and statistics made the choice to go plant strong an easy YES!

My plant based journey was 36 years in the making, so I have an appreciation for process. Whether you are just dabbling with the idea of being vegan, or are ready to jump in and make some food changes now, I have a specialized workshop just for you. Even if you want to be a part time vegan (sometimes called a flexitarian or weekatarian) check out my plant based offerings.

This Workshop is for those who are interested in,
or already eating a whole food plant based diet.

The research is in.
Eating a plant based diet is by far healthier for the MIND and BODY. Plant based eating helps diminish heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and the latest research even links it to lessening the effects of Alzheimer’s. In this workshop I will talk all about how to achieve a plant based, whole food diet- and keep it up.

If you are not sure you are ready to make that step, I encourage you to still come, and learn more. The effects of LESSENING  (not completely removing) your animal product consumption are also quite amazing. I will address this too.

3 Weeks (2 hours a week)

  • Benefits of eating Plant Based Diet
  • What happens to your body?
  • Basic label reading
  • Nutrient needs
  • Vitamin and Supplement Needs
  • Goal setting
  • Fun snack and meal ideas in every session.

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