Thrive on Plants T.O.P. Club

T.O.P. club (or thrive on plants club) is our monthly SUPER club of like minded individuals who want to learn more about the latest nutrition research and information, as well as get more support in the every day struggles like making kids’ lunches, after school snacks, or how to take your family’s old, traditional recipes and breath new and healthier life into them… (the struggle is real).

We meet once a month. T.O.P. club meetings always include a fun snack or meal recipe.


Upcoming Workshops:

Healthy lunch box ideas
L.E.A.N. curious? Come learn more about my workshops FREE
Curious about Plant Based Eating
Curious about Plant Based Eating?
Is organic a must? What does it really all mean?
Snacks: how to keep it healthy and easy
L.E.A.N. friendly birthday parties
Pantry makeover party
Plant based recipe makeover
Healing with oils




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